Amir Slama’s ROSA CHA was the most famous Brazilian beachwear brand of all time. In less than a decade, Slama elevated the Brazilian beach style to pret-a porter’s level and created a lifestyle concept in the world of beachwear. In 2004, Slama founded and ran The Brazilian Stylist Association (ABEST), an organization responsible for transforming the international market’s perception of Brazil’s capacity to create and export fashion. 

For years, Amir Slama’s swimwear have been showcased in top fashion shows, including the New York Fashion Week. Slama’s designs have graced the racks of Berdorf Goodman, Saks Fifth Avenue, Galeries Printemps and many more. It’s no wonder that top models, such as Naomi Campbell, quickly became faces of the brand.

After world-renowned success with Rosa Cha, Amir Slama has moved onto his next venture, AMIR SLAMA. Slama launched AMIR SLAMA in 2010 and opened his first stores in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro in 2012. His innovative beachwear has not only already flaunted the covers of Sports Illustrated, but has appeared in a plethora of magazines, such as Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle (to name a few). Today, AMIR SLAMA has a wide network of loyal clientele and fans who praise Slama’s unique and sophisticated beachwear.